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There are dozens of websites and applications that have been designed or produced for customers in all areas, but some customers do not like presenting their projects to the public, because there are some special platforms that are designed for other companies.
You will see on this page some of the projects that we have been told to publish by their owners.

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Security Management Sarl

An integrated project for for Security Management company operating in the French and European market specialized in protection, security, burglary protection and personal protection.

The company’s website is designed from start to run, and a mobile application is also designed on behalf of the company to communicate between customers and the company.

Project Link : Security Management Sarl

Hours Worked : 92 Hour

Days : 14 Day

The logo of the company has been redesigned to meet the requirements of the electronic business we have done, and also designed images dedicated to the activities of the company to display on the site and also social networking sites.

Security Management Logo

This video was produced by the company and published on social media sites of the company, video from the design and production of video team and animation of our company.

This work has been used to prepare the following professional staff.

awesome styles & shape

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Security M



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